Scripture as Rorschach Test

Even when we seek to interpret biblical passages in their native contexts and in light of commentary elsewhere in the Scriptures, they can still serve as Rorschach tests for the cultural waters we’re swimming in and imbibing. There’s a layer of culture “naturally” overlaying our reading of Scripture. I say “naturally” due to the fact that we’re culture-building and culture-inhabiting creatures. We’re also creatures who are molded and habituated by the cultures others constructed before us and around us. We humans turn out to be surprisingly more malleable in virtually every respect than we think we are or can be. And once habituated into a culture, it becomes instinctual to see cultural constructs as raw nature or the innately created order. It’s a challenge to see through it, around it, and beneath it, but it’s part of our commitment to hearing and heeding the Word of God so as to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we would know the will of God. After all, the Holy Spirit through the Holy Scriptures is seeking to form another culture in us, a kingdom culture, which marks us as a special people and a holy nation distinct from the nations of the present world.

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