Postcards from Reformed Roarrior Territory

I’ve recently been writing numerous posts about my anecdotal experiences over the last decade in some of the regions, enclaves, culdesacs, alcoves, dens, and pits where lions in the wilds of ultraconservative Reformed Christianity make their home. And I decided to assemble a list of those posts in one place. So, here we go.

I happen to consider all of these to be vital good-faith criticisms of my own social circle, because I believe in taking the log out of my own tribe’s eye before helping neighboring circles in American Christianity do likewise. I see these things as prominent failings or weaknesses of my own people. I don’t see these as normative features and certainly not the best virtues about my own people. And we do have those too.

So, is this me punching right, punching up, or punching myself in the gut? I’m well aware this says as much about me—about my personality, my idiosyncrasies and my particular experiences over the years—as it does anything else.

Sacraments vs Worldview I
Sacraments vs Worldview II
Sacraments vs Worldview III
This series is about a relative shift in emphasis away from the traditional marks of the church and toward revisionist marks of cultural warfare as the new tribal identifiers.

Dickishly Reformed: The Reputation of Contemporary Calvinists
Anecdotal exchanges and musings about the perception and the reality that outspoken champions of Calvinism are overwhelmingly douchebags and insufferable jerks about virtually everything.

Christ’s Sexuality and Reformed Cringe
About how Jesus is the ultimate sexually dispassionate Stoic figure to the point of testing Chalcedonian compliance but how appeals to him as a model of celibacy for the kingdom trigger outcries about his marriage to a bride.

War Horse Begets Unicorn Colt
We’ve got a lot of gay kids born and raised in our churches but can’t deal with it.

Downfall of the Household
An essay about the supplanting of traditional households with modern corporations and the agency it has taken away from us—a deprivation of agency which some would rather replace with absurd hyper-performative behavior than admit their powerlessness.

LARPing Traditional Life
About how we have an ongoing Renaissance festival as a synthetic approximation of the premodern world by assembling our costumes down at the Thrift Shop of culture.

My Reformed Retrolapsarian Prosperity Gospel Fantasy
An essay on Reformed theonomic postmillennialism mentally mutating into a false hope and promise of the mythical perfect family, perfect church, and perfect community.

Dismissive Preterism
A theological interpretive footnote of sorts to the Retrolapsarian Prosperity Gospel about explaining away the continuing relevance of selective inconvenient biblical passages.

Feminine Agency and Reformed Cringe
About how contentious Calvinistic patriarchalists don’t know what to make of or do with potent and distinctly female agency, because they’re too focused on hyper-performative displays of masculinity.

Warlords and Witchcraft
About how contentious Calvinistic patriarchalists champion a robust vision of divinely appointed structures of authority and submission and then turn around and subvert authority where it suits them. Possibly because they just don’t like their competition telling everyone what to do.

My Paradoximillennialism
Why optimistic postmillennialism can’t be all about the glory of winning the contest; we must face the paradox of victory through defeat as the strategy when moments of defeat are what God has appointed.

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