The Gospels as Political Theater

Reading the Gospels as one gigantic political tragicomedy (since it is one) …

The story opens with a nation having a history of slavery and exile as an occupied land looking for deliverance. An imperial census causes mass displacement. A baby is born to a royal lineage and proclaimed to be king by an entire (angelic) army.

Foreign dignitaries seek the child and visit the local puppet king. The local foreign-appointed puppet king commits genocide to maintain his regime. The child-king is hidden as a political refugee in a foreign land until the political landscape at home changes.

A prophet arises proclaiming a coming national cleansing and regime change. And the Davidic heir goes around declaring the victory proclamation (“gospel”) of the Kingdom. The Davidic heir teaches the ethics and politics of Kingdom citizenry.

The Davidic heir confronts corruption in the ruling economic, political, and religious classes. The Davidic heir pronounces the destruction of the nation’s capital city and the structure in which the occupied nation’s political and religious life is centered.

The local ruling class conspires to murder the Davidic heir for the sake of national stability. The local ruling class publicly disavows the Davidic heir and proclaims their exclusive allegiance to a foreign emperor. They instigate a partisan political arrest by night.

The conspirators have a series of show-trials among themselves and the local rulers of the empire. They force the court’s hand to cause injustice. They advocate for the release of a condemned insurrectionist as a political hero in place of the Innocent.

The foreign occupying governor executes the innocent Davidic heir over concerns of riots and the heavy-handed imperial response that would be sure to follow. Appeals are made to secure and entomb the body of the dead political Scapegoat.

The conspirators demand that the occupying foreign government establish military oversight of the tomb to prevent paranoid counter-conspiracy. The conspirators try to falsify the records after military oversight proves unsuccessful at containment.

The Scapegoat is declared the Son of God (authorized Davidic heir) by resurrection from the dead. Regime change begins as the new Cosmic Emperor is invested with all authority in heaven and on earth and receives all the nations as his inheritance.

The new Cosmic Emperor (King of Kings) appoints ambassadors of the Cosmic Empire (Kingdom) to induct and catechize all nations into the Kingdom and teach them obedience to the rule of the new Cosmic Emperor.

The Cosmic Emperor ascends and is seated on the Davidic Throne, the Right Hand of God. He rules with a rod of iron. He carries out the judgment upon the conspirators and the nation in forty years’ time. He reigns till the day he will judge all nations.

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