Baptismal Honest Moments

I'm basically a Presbyterian—a Westminster Standards kinda guy. And I have Particular Baptist (1689 LBCF) friends who occasionally experience existential honest moments and confess themselves to be "Presby-Curious". To have and share such an honest moment of my own, I'm periodically Bapti-(re)considerate. I'm far from being comfortably settled in my baptismal theology beyond a shadow … Continue reading Baptismal Honest Moments

Righteousness in the Psalms

I have the distinct impression that in contemporary Evangelical and Protestant circles we have such an extreme knee-jerk reaction to Roman Catholicism and have become so wary of so-called "works righteousness" that we've allowed the doctrine of justification by faith alone in Christ alone to swallow up everything Scripture says about righteousness. To the extent … Continue reading Righteousness in the Psalms