Sinful Meandering vs Sinful Defiance

In Numbers 15, Moses describes two manners in which a man might depart from walking in God's commandments. The first way in 15:22-29 is often called sinning inadvertently, unintentionally, or ignorantly. English translations commonly stress the unawareness or obliviousness of the one who sins. The second way is 15:30-31 is called sinning willfully or presumptuously. … Continue reading Sinful Meandering vs Sinful Defiance

Nouthetic Counseling

I’ve advocated for a systems theory approach to understanding ‘emotional’ processes and symptom-bearing in the life of a person as he interacts with systemic ‘anxiety’. And I’ve asserted that helping this person is achieved through a counselor’s entry into the ‘family’ system and regulation of his own emotional reactivity with the person under care. And I’ve insisted … Continue reading Nouthetic Counseling