Disorientation and Reorientation

This is my collection of posts about homosexuality and human sexuality more generally. I’m on a continuing voyage to navigate and chart these choppy waters in a context of the faithful confessing Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, particularly the Reformed Tradition as the tradition that I espouse. These waves wash over a variety of subjects.

Adam: Alone or Lonely?
Correcting a modern myth about the purpose of marriage from the beginning.

A Profane Stench in Holy Nostrils
Looking for some evenhandedness in addressing abominations in Scripture.

When Shame Swirls
Understanding shame and seeing God’s good use of it in the lives of the saints.

Christ’s Sexuality and Reformed Cringe
About how Jesus is the ultimate sexually dispassionate Stoic figure to the point of testing Chalcedonian compliance but how appeals to him as a model of celibacy for the kingdom trigger outcries about his marriage to a bride.

Traditional Marriage vs Revisionist Marriage
Regarding nature and obligation joined to a spouse versus fantasy and consumerism paired up with a significant other.

Pushback on Reformed and Side B
About poor conceptions of the complexity of sexuality on both sides of a struggle.

Pauline Vocational Celibacy and Side B
There is no generic celibacy. It has a backdrop that structures and orients it. And talk of “costly obedience” by celibate gay Christians sometimes betrays a different backdrop.

Marriage and Side B Reluctance
How revisionist marriage makes external conformity to a veneer of traditional marriage look so unappealing and implausible to same-sex attracted Christians.

Objectively Disordered Desire
A brief word about what same-sex desire gets wrong and what it gets right.

War Horse Begets Unicorn Colt
We’ve got a lot of gay kids born and raised in our churches but can’t deal with it.

A System in the Shape of an Obstruction
Some thoughts on the ways in which modern notions of sexuality and attraction extend beyond the confines of traditional biblical boundaries regarding desires and temptations. And some thoughts on how our renunciations and self-denials uniquely shape us.

Life of the Bee
Introduction to the Side B Movement

Buzz of the Bee
Further explanation of Side B Thought

Disentangled Eros
A discussion about what pure and undefiled eros means and what purpose it serves.

Conversation about Eros
An email discussion about ascending love and descending love in the Christian Faith.