Covenant Children in the Psalms

Summertime Small-GroupTopical Studies in the PsalmsNotes from Wednesday, June 10 The common default paradigm we have in contemporary Evangelicalism is that of a lost sinner experiencing a sharp or sudden conscious crisis and conversion as an adolescent or adult. We've modeled contemporary worship music around it, and many hymns that arose from the revivalism of … Continue reading Covenant Children in the Psalms

My Big Five or OCEAN Percentiles

One school of thought in contemporary psychology regarding human personality typing is the "Big Five" personality traits which are represented by the acronym O.C.E.A.N. and stand for the following: O: Openness to ExperienceC: ConscientiousnessE: ExtroversionA: AgreeablenessN: Neuroticism or Negative Emotionality A number of tests and services are available for assessing one's personality according to the … Continue reading My Big Five or OCEAN Percentiles