Postcards from Reformed Roarrior Territory

I've recently been writing numerous posts about my anecdotal experiences over the last decade in some of the regions, enclaves, culdesacs, alcoves, dens, and pits where lions in the wilds of ultraconservative Reformed Christianity make their home. And I decided to assemble a list of those posts in one place. So, here we go. I … Continue reading Postcards from Reformed Roarrior Territory

My Paradoximillennialism

I'm into paradoximillennialism, which means paradoxical postmillennialism. That's my particular variation on optimillennialism, which means optimistic postmillennialism. I wouldn't be surprised if I were accused of pessimillennialism, which means pessimistic amillennialism, by another strain of optimillennialists. So what do I mean? The Alexander the Great mentality is one of the worst thing about postmillennialists in … Continue reading My Paradoximillennialism

Feminine Agency and Reformed Cringe

To paraphrase a classical Protestant pastor-friend who was raised Roman Catholic … Why are cantankerous Calvinists the particular Christians leading the way in the defense of a gender-differentiated sex spectrum from mere complementarianism, through severe complementarianism, to roaring patriarchalism? And why does it go hand-in-hand with ever-increasing levels of distortional performative hyper-masculinity? This is the … Continue reading Feminine Agency and Reformed Cringe