My Big Five or OCEAN Percentiles

One school of thought in contemporary psychology regarding human personality typing is the "Big Five" personality traits which are represented by the acronym O.C.E.A.N. and stand for the following: O: Openness to ExperienceC: ConscientiousnessE: ExtroversionA: AgreeablenessN: Neuroticism or Negative Emotionality A number of tests and services are available for assessing one's personality according to the … Continue reading My Big Five or OCEAN Percentiles

Sinful Meandering vs Sinful Defiance

In Numbers 15, Moses describes two manners in which a man might depart from walking in God's commandments. The first way in 15:22-29 is often called sinning inadvertently, unintentionally, or ignorantly. English translations commonly stress the unawareness or obliviousness of the one who sins. The second way is 15:30-31 is called sinning willfully or presumptuously. … Continue reading Sinful Meandering vs Sinful Defiance