Nouthetic Counseling

I’ve advocated for a systems theory approach to understanding ‘emotional’ processes and symptom-bearing in the life of a person as he interacts with systemic ‘anxiety’. And I’ve asserted that helping this person is achieved through a counselor’s entry into the ‘family’ system and regulation of his own emotional reactivity with the person under care. And I’ve insisted … Continue reading Nouthetic Counseling

Shepherds and Male Agency

In my translation and examination of 1 Peter 5:1-4 and Acts 20:28, I employed appropriate word choices to accentuate the prominently and distinctly male character of the agency of church elders who shepherd a whole community. This isn't mere generically male agency but the highly conspicuous agency of virtuous alpha-males who have the most competence-dominance … Continue reading Shepherds and Male Agency