Reformed Roarrior Territory
Anecdotal experiences over the last decade in some of the regions, enclaves, culdesacs, alcoves, dens, and pits where lions in the wilds of ultraconservative Reformed Christianity make their home.

Dickishly Reformed: The Reputation of Contemporary Calvinists
Anecdotal exchanges and musings about the perception and the reality that outspoken champions of Calvinism are overwhelmingly douchebags and insufferable jerks about virtually everything.

Disorientation and Reorientation
About homosexuality and human sexuality more generally. A continuing voyage to navigate and chart these choppy waters in a context of the faithful confessing Christian Church.

Jurassic Park and the Sexual Revolution
Exploring the de-extinction of dinosaurs as a metaphor for feminism, family breakdown, casual sex, egalitarian absurdity, self-sterilization, infanticide, designer babies, retail surrogacy, and the rest of the insanity in the ongoing unfurling of the modern sexual revolution.

Somersaults in the SummerPsalter
Topical studies in the Biblical Psalter from a summertime men’s small group in 2020.